Classroom Management

Type to Learn has evolved over the last 10 years from teacher feedback

The classroom management features of Type to Learn was designed to easily allow teachers to group students based on ability, differentiate instruction through custom content, and easily see their classroom or individual progress. Type to Learn is now on its 5th version and has evolved based on the feedback from teachers.  

Type to Learn allows teachers to easily manage students’ progress through the program.  Standard and customized reports display real-time status of all students’ progress, scores, and areas of challenge. Teachers can trigger a diagnostic pre-test to reassess students’ abilities, move students forward or back in the lesson sequence, set an upper limit to the lessons a student can surpass, and manually select achievement goals, vocabulary levels, and design interfaces.

For Teachers

Type to Learn Classroom Management

Type to Learn classroom keyboarding

Group Management

Individualized Learning

Easily create groups of students and customize settings tailored for the level of your students. Take full control of the progress of your students or allow Type Learn's auto assessment feature to place students at the right level. Settings are available to adjust vocabulary level, WPM & Accuracy Goals, Assessment Requirements or Accessibility options.

Progress Reports

Individual or Full Classroom

Type to Learn has a powerful reporting engine that allows real time insight into how students are progressing. View online or print out classroom and individual progress reports. Type to Learn provides the ability to drill into the details to see where a student may be having a problem.

Custom Content

Leverage Existing Content

Allow students to learn while they type by utilizing Type to Learn's Custom Content feature. Upload and organize articles on current events, vocabulary sheets or any subject related piece of content. Teachers can assign custom content to individual students, groups or entire classrooms.

Type to Learn Curriculum

K12 Keyboarding Curriculum

Type to Learn has 34 lessons, 5 engaging, skill-targeted typing games offered, and 7 diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments.

  • diagnostic typing pre-test assesses students' existing keyboarding skills and places them at a certain typing lesson matching their abilities.

  • 3D hand animation on a reference keyboard demonstrates correct fingering for new keys and provides support when incorrect keys are pressed.

  • Personalized remediation content is automatically provided, based on specific errors the student made.

  • Formative assessments and a final summative assessment ensure that students have mastered the keys.

Type to Learn's methodology  is based on research by Dr. Leigh Zeitz and highlights technique, ergonomics, and key location.

“[Type to Learn] features robust formative assessment and teacher management options tailoring instruction to the needs of individual students. It also offers optional Spanish language support, translating English menus into Spanish.”

Carol Holzberg, Tech & Learning Reviewer

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