TTL4: No Longer Supported by Sunburst Support

Updated on August 19, 2022

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sunburst Digital no longer offers support on any Type to Learn 4 software.

Type to Learn 4 is the old version of our new, cloud-based Type to Learn program. The cloud-based version of Type to Learn is very similar to Type to Learn 4, but we improved many features and settings based on teacher feedback.

If you are currently a Type to Learn 4 customer, you have a couple options based on the version of Type to Learn 4 you were using:

1. Web or Network Versions: Because we don’t offer support for these products anymore, we highly recommend you upgrade to our Type to Learn Cloud-Based Software. Our sales staff helps make the migration from Type to Learn 4 quick and easy. Request a quote for Type to Learn, and be sure to let us know you’re switching from TTL4.

2. Local Install Version: While this software may still work on older computers, it does not offer the features, settings, or reporting that our cloud-based version can offer. If the software still works, you’re free to use it as long as you’d like, but we cannot offer support if something doesn’t work properly. Consider upgrading to the cloud-based version, which works on any computer that has an internet connection and a modern browser.

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