TTL4: User Options

Updated on August 19, 2022

Important Note about TTL4:
Since December 31, 2016, all support for Type to Learn 4 will be limited. Phone support cannot be given, and any remaining TTL4 users will be directed to our online support site.  As your hardware technology changes, Type to Learn 4 may not be compatible with future updates, patches, plugins and/or applications. All future program updates will only be applied to the next generation fully cloud-based application Type to Learn. Click here to learn more. We recommend any schools or district still using TTL4 upgrade to the cloud-based version as soon as possible. Discounts available to TTL4 customers!

Adjustments to Student User Options can be modified in the Management Section of the Type to Learn 4 application or through the Teacher Management Portal, (only available with Web-Enabled Accounts)

Modifications can be made to a class or single student account by highlighting the class or student(s)

Always SAVE CHANGES  before leaving the User Options page

General Options: Program-wide options

Quick Settings: The default is based on the grade of student(s) and sets the design, vocabulary, and Game Breaks. The quick settings can be modified as a whole or in parts.

Audio: Controls music, sound effects, instruction, and audio voice-overs. The default settings are ON.

Vocabulary Level: Use the drop-down to modify the vocabulary level of all content in Type to Learn 4.

Design Level: Use the drop-down to modify the Design of the main menu, lessons screens, assessment screens, and the Big Ideas game.

Ergonomic Breaks: Use the drop-down to allow ergonomic breaks, if so the timing for them, and the duration of the ergonomic break. Ergonomic breaks do not interrupt assessments or activities, but appear in between task.

Lesson Options: Lesson-specific options

Prevent Going Past Lesson: Sets an upper limit (lesson or assessment) past which a student cannot progress. By default this setting is disabled.

Game Breaks: This setting will give the students a randomized activity when a student in a lesson (instruction portion) for a specific amount of time. Game Breaks do NOT interrupt assessment or activities, but only appear in between lesson steps. A student can say NO to the activity. The default setting is based on a student’s grade level.

Custom Content: Select a Custom Content package to assign teacher created content. Additional information about Custom Content is available.

Security Check: 100% accuracy is required on the 2nd step of the instruction and requires student to the beginning of the 2nd step. The default is 100% accuracy

Reference Hand Support: This check-box option turns the animated hands support on or off in lessons. By default this setting is ON.

Allow to Skip to Final Challenge: This setting allows students to try the Final Challenge for a lesson without completing the instruction allowing advanced students to move ahead based on merit. By default this setting is ON.

Younger Lessons A & B: These introductory lessons do not teach touch-typing, but rather provide a foundation for other lessons. By default lesson A & B are on only for students in grades K-2.

Skip Lesson 29 and 30 on Numeric Keypad: These lessons focus on the Numeric Keypad and students will not be able to successfully complete lessons without a Numeric Keypad on the computer they are using. The option to skip these lessons is available. By default these lessons are ON.

Manually Set Goals: This option allows the teachers to manually set WPM and Accuracy goals for individuals or groups of students. By default this is set to Use Assessment Goals.

Activities Options: Activity-specific options

Allow Activities: Select from this menu when activities should be accessible by students: Never, Anytime, Before the lesson is complete, or only After the lesson is complete. The default setting is for activities to only be allowed After the lesson has been completed.

Required, Optional, or Off: Select from the 5 drop-down menus whether each activity should be Required, Optional, or Off. The default setting is for all activities to be Required.

Big Ideas Time Limit: The Big Ideas activity has a time limit. This time limit can be manually set from 20-120 seconds. The default settings are:

Grades K-2: 30 seconds
Grades 3-6: 45 seconds
Grades 7-12: 60 seconds

Drone Control Time Limit: The Drone Control activity has a time limit. This time limit can be manually set from 20-120 seconds. The default settings are:

Grades K-2: 60 seconds
Grades 3-6: 75 seconds
Grades 7-12: 90 seconds

Dig This Metronome: The Dig This activity has an optional metronome beat for cadence. By default the metronome is ON.

Assessments Options: Assessment-specific options

Pre-Test Settings: The check-box turns the Pre-Test ON or OFF. When ON, the drop-down menu sets the Pre-Tests as Required or Optional. By default the Pre-Test is ON and Required.

Formative Assessment Settings: The check-box turns ALL 6 formative assessments ON or OFF. By default the Formative Assessments are ON.

Backspace: Check to allow or disallow the use of the Backspace during assessments. By default Backspace is allowed.

Pause: Check to allow or disallow Pausing during assessment. This temporarily stop the time limit during an assessment. By default Pause is allowed.

Assessment Time Limit: Select from the drop-down a time limit for assessments. By default the time limits are:

Grades K-2: 3 minutes
Grades 3-6: 3 minutes
Grades 7-12: 5 minutes

Display Timer to Student: Check to display a timer to the student during an assessment. By default this is unchecked. 

Automatic Goal Adjustments: This allows Type to Learn 4 to automatically adjust student’s goals following each assessment. After each formative assessment, student’s goals are adjusted to be 2 WPM and 2% (maximum 96%) higher than their performance on the assessment. Goals are never adjusted downward. By default this is checked to be allowed.

Assessment Method: Select from this drop-down if assessments should be given on screen or off a printed copy. By default On Screen Assessment is selected.

Accessibility Options: Specific accessibility options to support students with different needs, including Language, Font Size, and Text Contrast.

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