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How does Type to Learn stack up against free typing programs?



Free Programs: Most free online typing programs are supported by advertising, which can distract the students from their lessons, cause them to click away from the program and could potentially be inappropriate for their age.

Type to Learn: Because Type to Learn is a paid program, there are zero advertisements. This keeps your students focused on the program, with zero chance they will get distracted and click out to an unknown advertisers website, keeping your students safe and focused.


Technical Support

Free Programs: When a typing programs is free, they usually can't afford live, in-person support. If they can provide support, it's likely not high quality. It can be frustrating to have a question or problem and have to wait days before getting a response.


Type to Learn: All Type to Learn subscriptions come with email support, and the school subscriptions come with additional phone support and implementation services. Sunburst wants your student to succeed, so we are here to help get your account up and running and answer any questions you may have. We’ll answer your call, respond to an email within a few hours, or return your message within one business day.

Customizable Settings (Schools Only)

Free Programs: In our experience, most free programs don’t allow you to change any settings at all. The lessons and games are the same no matter what your age or skill level are. This can lead to the program being too challenging and frustrating for slower learners, and too easy for advanced learners.


Type to Learn: As a teacher or building admin, you can customize the Type to Learn settings for individual students and/or groups of students. Advanced or lagging students can get individualized settings to help challenge them or make it easier. Typing goals can be manually changed, lessons or activities can be skipped and much more. We want to create the best possible learning environment for each individual student.


Free Programs: The $0 price tag of the free typing programs is attractive, and is what some families or schools need. Getting your students typing on a free program is absolutely better than not teaching them how to type at all. But with the annoying ads and little-to-no support, it can be frustrating. Give Type to Learn a try and know that Sunburst Digital is here to help your student succeed.

Type to Learn: Type to Learn costs $39.95 for a one year Home license, which includes three students. That is less than $14/year per student, and less than $2/month. School volume licenses start at $3.35 per student. This is a small price to pay for your students to learn typing from a scientifically proven keyboarding curriculum. Typing is a skill your students will use the rest of their lives. A small investment to make sure they succeed should be worth it.


Free Programs: A lot of the free typing programs have a series of lessons, but no activities or assessments. Other free programs are simply typing games and don’t provide the necessary series of lessons.

Type to Learn: Type to Learn was originally developed based on research done by Dr. Leigh Zeitz and revised based on feedback from hundreds of teachers. The teaching methodology enforces proper technique, ergonomics and key location. The sequence of lessons has been proven as one of the best ways for young students to learn how to type. There are 34 levels, each with a lesson, 4-5 activities and a final challenge, as well as 6 formative assessments, giving you over 200 lessons and game-based activities.


Detailed Reporting

Free Programs: Most free typing programs will provide you with some reporting that contains the WPM and Accuracy of the student. Some reports can go into a lot of detail, others just tell you those two metrics at that's it. As a teacher, it is important that you can monitor your students progress and success.

Type to Learn: Type to Learn has two main reports. The Status report gives you a quick view into how many final challenges and assessments your students have completed (including their WPM and Accuracy). The Detailed Report shows every lesson, activity, final challenge and assessment that was attempted and the corresponding metrics. This allows you to keep a close eye on the time spent typing and the progress of the students.

Custom Content (Schools Only)

Free Programs: It's rare to find a free typing programs that allows you to add custom content. Because of this, you’re limited to whatever vocabulary and passages they have entered in their program. Sometimes this content is high quality and relevant, but sometimes it's not.


Type to Learn: The Custom Content area of Type to Learn allows teachers to upload any content they want their students to type. This not only helps to increase the difficulty of the typing, but also to incorporate other subjects, such as Science, Health or Social Studies, into the typing curriculum.

ESL Support (Schools Only)

Free Programs: Aside from only a few free typing programs that support Spanish, you will rarely find the ability to translate the instructions and on-screen text into Spanish for those students who struggle to read English. Without this support, ESL students cannot receive the same, equal keyboarding education as non-ESL students

Type to Learn: Type to Learn has a built-in ESL setting that translates the on-screen text into Spanish. This setting can be activated for whole groups or individuals, just like all the Type to Learn settings. This can greatly improve the comprehension and effectiveness of the typing program for students that are still learning English as their second language.