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Fully cloud-based and accessible through a web browser by Students, Teachers and Administrators.

Type to Learn is a research-based typing program with a focus on keyboarding proficiency. Type to Learn’s cloud-based platform is used by all kinds of schools nationwide. Our typing app is compatible with virtually all classroom technologies including Chromebooks, iPads and laptops. The program’s game-based typing methodology engages all learners while promoting, assessing and recording each student’s level of mastery.

Type to Learn has been thoughtfully designed to align with local, state and CCSS standards for typing. The cloud-based keyboarding curriculum ensures students are engaged, teachers have the right tools to introduce and advance students typing skills and expression, and administrators can easily assess overall student effectiveness of the curriculum.

Students using keyboarding software

Engages Students

Fun & Individualized

Students enjoy learning how to type with Type to Learn through game-based typing activities. Keyboarding lessons are specifically designed to keep students engaged while they are introduced to keystrokes and learn proper technique. Type to Learn automatically adapts to the level of the student and ensures students are progressing accordingly.

Keyboarding software, easy-to-use for school teachers

Easy for Teachers

Classroom Management

Type to Learn classroom management was designed to effectively allow teachers to promote keyboarding mastery in the classroom. Teachers can group students based on ability, differentiate instruction through custom content, and easily see their classroom or individual progress. Type to Learn is now on its 5th version and has evolved based on the feedback from teachers.

Easy reporting for student's keyboarding progress

Administration & Reporting

Building or District Admin

The administration portal of Type to Learn was designed to allow for easy setup and maintenance of school or district accounts. The robust Type to Learn Reporting Engine ensures student usage and progress are easily accessible. View the entire district summary, building level, classroom or individual progress reports. Type to Learn also has Clever single sign on integration.


Research-based K-12 Typing App

Type to Learn is the typing program trusted by over 15,000 schools to build the foundation for students to effectively utilize digital resources and online testing. Type to Learn has evolved from direct teacher feedback and administrator input. Type to Learn's methodology is based on research by  Dr. Leigh Zeitz  and highlights proper typing technique, ergonomics, and key location. 


Reliability / Security

Student Privacy & Data

Type to Learn takes student privacy seriously, and we recognize that classroom time is valuable. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was chosen to host Type to Learn because they are a leader in cloud hosting. They have the strictest security protocols, redundancy and scalability in place to ensure your data is safe and available.


Customer Success Team

Implementation & Support Resources

The Customer Success Team, along with your account manager, will ensure Type to Learn is being used effectively in your classroom. Live support is included for the life of your subscription, along with our extensive knowledge base and resources. Professional development is available for an additional cost.

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Sunburst Guarantee

100% Satisfaction

Type to Learn is owned and operated by Sunburst Digital. Sunburst Digital has connected educators with instructional technology and digital content solutions for three decades. Our warranty is the best in the industry and is tailored around ensuring long term relationships and success in the classroom.

The new Type to Learn... is wonderful. Our students say they enjoy the game aspect of it and have even said the tests are fun. With the addition of captioning, our students have full access to the program. Thanks for making a great program and for making it accessible to hearing-impaired students!

Sharee Darcé, Texas School for the Deaf

Type to Learn Guarantee - Background Image

Type to Learn

Money Back Guarantee

Sunburst Digital Learning guarantees that students at your school who complete the full Type to Learn program will see an average improvement in their adjusted words-per-minute (AWPM) by at least 50%. If your students' average adjusted-words-per-minute does not improve by 50%, Sunburst will refund your entire subscription cost for that year. See full details.



Accessibility options for keyboarding software

Accessibility Options

Accessibility features to ensure all students are able to build their typing skills.

  • Adjust the font size of the text for sight-impaired students. Larger text sizes are seen when the student rolls the cursor over buttons or text on screen. 

  • Play an audio description of what a button reads when the button is rolled over.

  • Adjust the font color for visually-impaired with several color scheme options. 

Cloud-based keyboarding softawre

Compatible on
Most Devices

A fully web-based typing program that works on any modern web browser.

Type to Learn is a fully cloud-based typing app and works on any modern web browser including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Works great on Chromebooks, iPads (with external keyboards), desktop computers and laptops.

Comprehensive keyboarding curriculum

Keyboarding Curriculum

34 lessons, 5 engaging, skill-targeted typing games and 7 diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments.

A diagnostic typing pre-test assesses students' existing keyboarding skills and places them at a certain typing lesson matching their abilities. The typing pre-test also analyzes students' starting speed and accuracy, setting personalized achievement goals for the program teaching them how to type more efficiently.

Type to Learn Customer Support

Spanish ESL Support

Provide valuable support to Spanish-speaking students as they learn to touch type in English.

Text support throughout Type to Learn can be in English or Spanish. When the Spanish ESL setting is active, all text on screen is shown in Spanish translation when the student rolls the cursor over the button or text. Spanish translation is provided for all buttons, navigation, instructions, support, reminders, and congratulatory payoffs. Lesson, activity, and assessment content (what students need to type) always remains in English only.

Type to Learn Rostering and Single Sign On Integration

Single sign-on allows students to spend more time typing and less time remembering passwords and signing in. Rostering integrations allow teachers to spend more time teaching and less time managing their student accounts.

Type to Learn currently integrates with Clever for single sign on and rostering.


SSO and Rostering through ClassLink is coming soon!



Classroom time is precious. Type to Learn was built around that understanding.

The team at Type to Learn works with every new school to ensure a seamless implementation. Resources and support are available to assist with ongoing questions. Type to Learn is also hosted on the most secure and trusted provider in the world, Amazon Web Services. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by Sunburst Digital.

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