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All Subscriptions Come With...

  • A money back guarantee (details below).
  • No advertisements.
  • Setup and implementation services.
  • Phone and email support (M-F, 9am-5pm CT).
  • A dedicated account manager.

We are happy to customize a quote based on your needs. Contact us with the number of students that will use Type to Learn and your budget and we'll do our best to accommodate.

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Pricing for a One Year Subscription

  • 25-49 students $6.95 per student
  • 50-99 students $4.95 per student
  • 100-199 students $3.50 per student
  • 200-299 students $2.95 per student
  • 300-499 students $2.50 per student
  • 500-699 students $2.25 per student
  • 700-999 students $2.00 per student
  • 1,000-3,999 students $1.75 per student
  • 4,000+ students $1.50 per student

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Type to Learn
Money Back Guarantee

Sunburst Digital Learning guarantees that students at your school that complete the full Type to Learn program will see an average improvement in their adjusted words-per-minute (AWPM) by at least 50%. If your students’ average adjusted-words-per-minute does not improve by 50%, Sunburst will refund your entire subscription cost for that year. See full details.
Type to Learn Money Back Guarantee