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Student Safety & Data Privacy is Paramount

Student Safety

Unlike some other keyboarding curriculums and typing programs, Type to Learn contains no advertisements of any kind and no links to external websites. Your students will stay safe and focused while using Type to Learn.

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Data Privacy

Type to Learn adheres to FERPA and COPPA guidelines for handling and storing student data. The program is hosted with a reliably secure host, Amazon AWS. Feel confident your student data stays secure while using Type to Learn.

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Money Back Guarantee

Sunburst Digital Learning guarantees that students at your school that complete the full Type to Learn program will see an average improvement in their adjusted words-per-minute (AWPM) by at least 50%. If your students’ average adjusted-words-per-minute does not improve by 50%, Sunburst will refund your entire subscription cost for that year. See full details.
Type to Learn Money Back Guarantee

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Guaranteed Student Success or Your Money Back

We’re so confident in Type to Learn’s ability to improve your students’ typing skills, we guarantee it! No other company is putting their money where their mouth is like Type to Learn. If a student completes the full Type to Learn program, we guarantee a 50% improvement in their adjusted words per minute, or you get your money back!

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Backed by Research, Built for Education

Research White Paper

Type to Learn is built upon scientific keyboarding research performed by Dr. Leigh Zeitz, a professor and author at the University of Northern Iowa. We believe Type to Learn is the best way for students to learn touch typing.

Scope & Sequence

The scope and sequence of Type to Learn is based on the research outlined in the white paper. We introduce letters in small amounts and require mastery of the current lesson before advancing to learn additional letters.

Standards Alignment

Type to Learn has been directly correlated to keyboarding and technology standards in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia and also aligns with the Common Core State Standards as well as those of the ISTE.

Our Integration Partners Help Make Classroom Management Easy

Type to Learn has partnered with major student data integration companies to provide you the easiest classroom management possible.

Simply register your school with the integration partner and connect your student information system to their service. From there, you can connect all sorts of educational apps to your portal, allowing students to access any of those programs, including Type to Learn. The best part? Students only have to remember one login!

To get started with an integration, please let your Account Manager know.

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GG4L - Global Grid 4 Learning

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Single Sign On & Rostering

Easy Set Up & Implementation

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