Type to Learn Status



If you’re experiencing a problem when the system status is yellow or red, please be patient as we work to resolve the problem and get the system back online for all customers.

If you’re experiencing a problem while the system status is green, please email support@typetolearn.com with as many details of your issue as possible. Thank you.

GREEN – System is running normally.
ORANGE – System experiencing issues. Some customers affected.

RED – System is down. All customers affected.

Current Incident Progress Updates:

  • No current incidents to report.

Recently Reported Issues:

  • 1/5/23-1/6/23: Type to Learn was loading very slowly or not at all for a portion of our customers. This was also causing some students to get kicked out of lessons before they could complete them.

    The Type to Learn system was restarted on 1/6/23, which fixed the issues. After two full days of monitoring server bandwidth, we can say the system is back to normal.