5 Ways to Decorate Your Classroom this Holiday Season

Holiday Classroom Decoration Ideas

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Bring some holiday cheer to your classroom this winter with one of these five, fun and unique decoration ideas. Most of these ideas include your students as well, giving them a fun activity to do and the result is a festive classroom decoration to enjoy throughout the holidays.

Decorate Your Classroom Door

What better way to show off your holiday spirit to the rest of the school than by decorating your classroom door. You can make your door look like a wrapped gift with ribbon and a bow, or cover it with snowflakes and have a snowman made Styrofoam cups. Check out Pinterest for some additional inspiration.

Use this opportunity to have your students brainstorm ideas and work together to decide on a theme or design. Have them determine the necessary materials, then spend a class having them work together to put it all together.

Make Holiday Wreaths

As a DIY project, your students could each make a “wreath” from a paper plate. Start by having the students paint or color the plate green. Then have them cut out a hole in the middle and some cuts around the edges to give it the wreath shape. Then they can glue on red dots or beads as holly berries and a red bow at the top. Want something a little more advanced, but still crafty? Check out these cool construction paper wreaths.

Hanging Snowflakes

Hanging snowflakes are a classic activity that can transform your room into a winter wonderland. Using plain white paper, teach your students how to fold the paper and cut their own unique snowflake design. If each student makes three or four snowflakes, you should have enough to hang all over your classroom ceiling. Use different lengths of white string tied to paper clips on each end to hold the snowflake and secure to the ceiling.

Looking for a unique craft you can do as a teacher to decorate your room? Try creating these hanging Christmas lights from construction paper!

Christmas Tree Ornaments or Fireplace Stockings

If you’re able to have a “real” tree in your classroom, even a small one, set that up and have your students bring in an ornament from home to hang on the tree. You could have each student tell the class why they chose that specific ornament. Or have your students create ornaments from various craft items and hang those on the tree. You could even buy small wooden ornaments and have your students paint them.

If you don’t want to have a tree in the classroom, consider making stockings to hang on the wall. Buy some cheap red and white stockings and let your students design their stocking with additional felt, ribbons, stickers or other craft items.

Holiday Book Decorations*

For those of you in a library or with access to extra books, check out this fun and unique idea for using books to create holiday décor. Stack the correct colors of books and add a few pieces of felt or construction paper to create a snowman, a reindeer or even a full Christmas tree!

*Not recommended as an activity for young students.

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