5 Features You’re Missing with a Free Typing Program

Five features you don't get with a free typing program

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While hunting for the perfect keyboarding program, there’s a sea of free solutions. We know what you’re thinking, “Why should I pay for a keyboarding solution when there’s something for free?!”

1. Custom Content

Provide your students with a keyboarding solution personalized to what they are learning in class and their skill level! Free programs offer the same curriculum and lessons for all students. Type to Learn includes custom content, where teachers can import their own content for students to practice. You could import spelling words, historical documents and more. Teachers can also adjust WPM and accuracy goals for each student or group based on their needs.

2. Detailed Reporting

Keeping track of student achievement is vital to putting a grade on student performance and setting future goals. Most free programs don’t offer robust reporting or user settings. With Type to Learn, reports display the real-time status of all students’ progress, scores, and areas of challenge. Teachers can trigger a diagnostic pre-test to reassess students’ abilities, move students forward or back in the lesson sequence, set an upper limit to the lessons a student can surpass, and manually select achievement goals, vocabulary levels, and design interfaces.

3. High Quality Technical Support

Make sure you have help when you need it the most. Many free programs do not offer technical support or assistance. Ensure you have a dedicated go-to for any questions with Type to Learn’s support team. We will gladly walk you through any issues or questions you have via phone or email during business hours.

4. Saved Progress

Save time and keep students engaged with the ability to save progress. Free programs often don’t save progress or offer a unique username for each user. Type to Learn saves progress of each user. Students won’t have to start over each time they practice keyboarding and all of their progress is saved to easily pick back up on any computer with internet access.

5. No Advertisements

Free programs can contain advertisements and external links to other sites that may be unsafe for students to view. Type to Learn has no distractions, advertisements or links to any outbound sites, keeping your students safe online.

With pricing as low as $1.50 per student, Type to Learn provides value for schools across the country. Contact us for pricing for your school or district.

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