Easy Building and Class Administration
Detailed Lesson Reports for Teachers
Built on the Moodle LMS
Engaging Typing Lessons for Your Students

Type to Learn's teacher reports, district & building level report, student progress reports & certificates, along with a learning management system designed for education, enables teachers and administrators to effectively manage Type to Learn and progress their students' keyboarding skills.

Teacher with tablet checking typing lesson reports

Lesson Reports for Teachers

Understand exactly how your students keyboarding skills are progressing through their typing lessons with easy-to-read reports.

  • Status Report - View student progress of completed lessons.

  • Detailed Report - View detailed scores on all typing lessons, activities and assessments.  Searchable, sortable and exportable.

  • Error Report - See what keystroke, finger stroke or hand coordination your students struggle with.

Teachers are effectively able to provide individualized  remediation or add challenges using real-time views into student typing progress.

A student beginning on Type to Learn's typing lessons

District and Building Reporting

Understand the overall usage of Type to Learn in your school with admin reports, available by building or group.

The reporting engine in Type to Learn allows a building or district level administrator to track overall usage and results within the Type to Learn keyboarding curriculum.  Understand your license usage and see the following across buildings and groups:

  • Number of Active Students

  • Total time spent in Type to Learn

  • Average WPM

  • Accuracy

Teacher giving student typing lessons

Student Engagement & Certificates

Type to Learn's typing lessons are fun and engaging

The gamified story behind Type to Learn takes students through an adventure. Progress is tracked by earning pieces of a medallion that is displayed throughout the typing lessons. Students can visually see what progress they have made and are motivated to move forward and reach a higher level.

Beyond the visual representation of overall progress, there are reports and certificates also available.

​Students can always see their own typing progress reports (Status or Detailed) and view or print their progress Certificates as well.

Easy teacher administration and integration with Clever

Easy Teacher Administration

Built on a popular K-12 Learning Management System

The administration side of Type to Learn is built off of the Moodle Learning Management System. Moodle is the largest Learning Management System in the world and trusted by over 100 million educators.

Adding or importing new students, moving into a new year, assigning teachers and students to classrooms are all intuitively built to allow for effective ongoing student and teacher maintenance. Type to Learn also integrates with Clever Single Sign On.

Type to Learn always includes Getting Started articles and implementation support from the Type to Learn Customer Support Team.

Type to Learn Guarantee - Background Image

Type to Learn

Money Back Guarantee

Sunburst Digital Learning guarantees that students at your school that complete the full Type to Learn program will see an average improvement in their adjusted words-per-minute (AWPM) by at least 50%. If your students' average improvement does not reach 50% within the year, Sunburst will refund your entire subscription cost for that year. See full details.



Type to Learn is currently integrated with Clever's single sign-on (SSO) solution. Clever is a free service that offers a centralized location for districts to manage their student enrollment information. Clever SSO allows students and teachers a single login to access all their educational resources and applications like Type to learn. This increases instructional time by reducing time spent with forgotten usernames and passwords.

Type to Learn is also developing single sign-on and rostering integrations with additional student information systems. We are excited to announce that this software update will launch in the Fall of 2021. Below are a handful of the new systems Type to Learn will integrate with. If you don't see your SIS system listed below, please ask us about it!

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Implementing Type to Learn is quick easy, and our Customer Support Team is ready to help!

This allows your students to start their typing lessons right away.

Here is a quick overview of your implementation journey with Type to Learn:

  1. Receive a Type to Learn Welcome Packet and Getting Started Information.

  2. A member of the Type to Learn Customer Success Team will follow up with you to guide you through the process and make sure Type to Learn is configured to match your district or classroom requirements.

  3. Prepare and Import Students into Type to Learn from a spreadsheet (CSV file). Our Support Team will help.

  4. Distribute login credentials to the students.

  5. Students can being their typing lessons and progress through the program at their own pace.

  6. Teachers and administrators can easily track student progress through reporting.


Call us at (800) 356-3209 or click the button below to request a customized quote or a free trial for your classroom.