Top 5 Free Online Typing Games for Students

Top 5 Free Online Typing Games

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NitroType is one of the most popular type-to-race games online. You compete against other people in real-time, typing as fast as you can to drive your car and win the race. Create an account with Google, Clever, ClassLink or Facebook to track your winnings, achievements and progress. It even has a Teacher Portal so teachers can keep track of student and class progress.

There are no ads on the NitroType website.


TypeRacer is another exciting multiplayer typing game where you compete against other players in real-time races. Your goal is to type the paragraph of text as quickly and accurately as possible to move your car from start to finish. It’s a great way to improve your typing speed while having fun in a competitive environment.

TypeRacer has a couple on-page ads, but nothing intrusive.


ZType is a space-themed typing game that combines the challenge of typing with an engaging storyline. As the pilot of a ship in outer space, you have to type the words that appear on the screen to shoot down incoming alien ships. The longer your spaceship survives the harder the game becomes. ZType tests your typing speed and accuracy in an entertaining way.

ZType has one advertisement on the page, but it is not intrusive.


Keyman is a challenging game where you are navigating a scuba diver around an underwater maze so he can pick up all the keys and open the treasure chest. The direction he moves depends on the arrows and you can change the arrows by typing the indicated letters. Collect shells and fish to gain bonus points, but watch out for the mean fish or you’ll lose a key and have to retrieve it again! There are three levels of difficulty, and different sets of letters you can choose to use. This game not only helps with remembering the keys on the keyboard, but also involves problem solving when navigating the maze.

Keyman has a few ads on the page, but nothing too intrusive.


Typerush is another popular racing game, but includes boat racing too! You earn money and points for every race, which you can save and accumulate if you have an account. This game focuses on speed and accuracy, because you can’t continue driving unless you type the correct letters.

This game does include on-page ads, and possibly a video ad before being allowed to do certain parts of the game.

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