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Why Learn Keyboarding - Type to Learn at Home

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Why Teach Your Kids to Type?

Keyboarding has become an essential ability for success in the digital age. Children will rely on their typing skills throughout their schooling and careers. Typing has become the new penmanship. It is important to provide a guide for children in their development of this crucial skill. Kids today encounter typing at a very young age. Without guidance, they can quickly acquire bad habits that need to be unlearned and may even cause significant delays in typing development.

Keyboarding for Home-Based Learning

Type to Learn is a research-based, interactive educational software used by over 15,000 schools. The great news is that it is now available to home users! Traditionally, schools introduce keyboarding lessons around the third grade. Due to the recent widespread shift from classroom learning to home-based learning, Type to Learn has been adapted for home use. Parents can now provide children the highest quality keyboarding skills at home. Keyboarding is also a fun, educational activity for summer break and can be an edifying alternative to video games or television.

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The Benefits of Keyboarding Skills

Not only do typing lessons provide kids with quick acclimation to computers and typing efficiency, it has been shown to increase self efficacy, reading comprehension, writing quality, and visual-motor abilities. Efficient keyboarding skills have also been shown to improve scores on standardized tests. Alleviating a student’s struggle with key placement allows them to instead focus on concept development and material recall. This is one of the best ways to empower a student in preparation for standardized tests.

Keyboarding Lessons Breakdown

The curriculum for the Type to Learn home keyboarding course involves learning physical positioning and movement, safe and comfortable keyboard interaction, and key location. Kids will spend a great deal of time at a keyboard for school, work, entertainment, etc. Learning keyboard ergonomics and positioning will teach children efficient and sustainable typing. In addition to maintaining alignment and structural health, students also learn to enter their thoughts into the dynamic world of word processing and communication through the keyboard.

How To Use Type to Learn at Home

Type to Learn is now offering packages for home purchase. The package includes three licenses to distribute at the discretion of the parent. Type to Learn uses a pre-assessment to determine appropriate skill level of the student and then serves up lessons and activities to reinforce skills along its self-paced home curriculum. The program is cloud-based and compatible with most devices including Chromebooks, laptops, and iPads with external keyboards. Type to Learn is now on it’s 5th version and is constantly working to improve based on the specific needs of users. We look forward to helping your student learn excellent keyboarding skills and providing you the best service in the business!

Purchase your Type to Learn home school license today!

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