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Type to Learn at Bardstown Middle School

Type to Learn is an extremely important element of the middle school experience at Bardstown Middle School. It all begins in sixth grade, when students take Computer Applications for nine weeks. They learn to use home row technique and type without looking at their fingers. Seventh and eighth grade students also use the program for reviewing their keyboarding skills. An eighth grade class of students takes a Word Processing class for high school credit and uses Type to Learn to learn the entire keyboard and use their new skills for Microsoft Word Certificate.

Students at BMS use their typing skills to use Microsoft Office and Google Apps for assignments to complete their schoolwork on a daily basis. Our school has three computer labs and five Chromebook carts for students to use. In December, our school is getting Chromebooks for all students, so they will definitely be using their keyboarding skills that they learned. By students having access to this typing program, they are much more efficient and definitely type with better speed and accuracy.

Dawn Greenwell is the Computer Applications Teacher at Bardstown Middle School in Bardstown, Kentucky.