Sunburst Digital Signs the Project Unicorn Vendor Pledge

Project Unicorn is an effort to improve data interoperability within K-12 education. Project Unicorn aims to create a community of innovators who make the broader case for secure interoperability by determining shared priorities, working in partnership with school systems and vendors to understand its importance and benefits, creating a demand side push for interoperability through partnerships, and educating buyers to consider the total cost of ownership through an informed comparison of vendors.

By signing the Project Unicorn Vendor Pledge, Sunburst Digital and Type to Learn pledge to:

  1. Help Students and Families Transition to Connected Classrooms

  2. Advocate for Data Interoperability

  3. Accelerate Progress Toward Data Interoperability for Our Products

  4. Provide Access to Quality, Data Standard Aligned Digital Content

Click here to read Type to Learn’s privacy policy and learn more about how we are protecting student data.

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