Type to Learn Engages K-12 Students

Students have fun progressing their keyboarding skills through game-based learning.

Keyboarding is wrapped around a captivating, futuristic world of adventure where students become members of an ancient society to save the world from a major communication breakdown.

The keyboard becomes the communicator as student’s type directions to a remote control drone and lines of code to rebuild various structures.

Each activity focuses on a specific skill (i.e. speed and accuracy) with engaging animations.

Spanish ESL Support and accessibility options are available for hearing and visually impaired students.

Lessons are specifically designed to keep students engaged while they are introduced to keystrokes and learn proper technique. Type to Learn automatically adapts to the level of the student and ensures students are progressing accordingly.

"My 9 year old son loves Type to Learn. He has tried a few other programs including free online programs. He especially loves that he is completing missions. I appreciate that it keeps him interested and, unbeknownst to him, increases his accuracy and speed with each activity. Type to Learn is part of his daily schedule and he usually has to be told repeatedly to move onto another subject. It is wonderful that he likes this! And it is working!"

Phyllis L., Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

Type to Learn for Students

Introduction to Type to Learn

“Centuries ago, a secret society called the Agents of Information was created to protect accurate information for all generations to come. Now, many centuries later, even with new technology, our world is in danger of a total communication breakdown! You have been selected to be trained as a new agent. Every agent must master the critical, lifelong skill of keyboarding.  Without our group of fast and accurate typing agents, the flow of information would come to a disastrous halt!

We’re the Agents in Charge. Here is your communicator to use throughout your training. The medallion is a symbol of our society and of your progress. Your starting rank is Recruit. Good luck!”

As you progress through the lessons and pass the assessments, you earn new ranks in the society: The Agents of Information.

Society Ranks​: Beginner/Recruit, Helper/Trainee, Assistant, Leader/Technician, Specialist
Expert, Master Agent"


Over 100 Leveled Lessons and Activities with Personalized Remediation

Big Ideas

Timed typing game focusing on right hand and left hand coordination.

Students need to learn how to type the words inside the thought bubbles quickly and accurately as the bubbles float to the top of the page. All thought bubbles are on the right or left side of the screen, and contain content typed with either the right hand or the left hand, exclusively.

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