Type to Learn Supports English as a Second Language (ESL)

English Spanish Success - Type to Learn ESL Setting

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Did you know that Type to Learn has an accessibility setting to support dual-language students? Our ESL setting can be easily activated for individual students or for whole groups. Once activated, each piece of text in the program (aside from what the students type) shows a Spanish translation when you hover over it. This allows those students who struggle to read English to understand the instructions and navigation and receive the full benefit of the Type to Learn program.

If you’re a Type to Learn customer, you can learn how to activate the ESL setting in our Support Knowledge base.

If you’re not a Type to Learn customer, but are looking for a high-quality typing software to support Spanish-speaking students, then check out Type to Learn and contact us with any questions you may have.

Sunburst’s English Spanish Success (ESS) Mission

At Sunburst Digital, we believe our dual language solutions bring freedom to young learners struggling with English. The ESS Mission is about promoting positive learning outcomes for Spanish-speaking student populations.

Learn more about our ESS Mission and ESS digital solutions.

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