About Assessments

Updated on June 1, 2023

Throughout the Type to Learn curriculum, there are six formative assessments. These six timed tests cover all the letters and keys learned up to that point in the program. Below are a few notes on how the assessments in Type to Learn work:

  • The default Assessment time limit is 3 minutes. You can change this time limit to be 1-5 minutes. And you can choose whether or not to display a timer to the student. By default, the timer is hidden. Check out the Assessment Settings area of the TTL Settings page to change the time limit or timer display.
  • Both Words Per Minute (WPM) AND Accuracy are checked when determining if a student passed the Assessment. Unlike other tasks on the Levels that only check against Accuracy, students must meet the minimum threshold for both their WPM and Accuracy goals in order to get the green check mark on an Assessment.
  • If a student fails to meet their Goal Minimums on the Assessment, they will be served additional practice steps called Remediation. Remediation is another two or three Lesson steps to help the student get more practice with certain keys.
  • When using Assessment Goals and Automatic Goal Adjustments (both default settings for all students), a student’s goals will automatically change to be the results of the Assessment if their results were higher than their goals. A student’s goals are never adjusted down
  • There are no Activities or a Final Challenge on the Assessment levels. The student just has to pass the Assessment in order to advance to the next level.

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