How are Words Per Minute and Accuracy Calculated?

Updated on November 8, 2022

Calculating Words per Minute (WPM)

In Type to Learn, because a lot of the lessons don’t require typing actual words, we define a “word” as any five characters, including spaces, numbers, letters, and punctuation, but NOT function keys such as Shift or Backspace.

Therefore, the number of words is calculated by dividing the number of characters typed by 5. The number of “words” is then divided by the total elapsed time (in minutes). Below is the actual calculation.

Total Number of Words = Total Keys Pressed / 5
WPM = Total Number of Words / Time Elapsed in Minutes (rounded down)


Total Keys Pressed = 200
Time Elapsed in Minutes = 1.5
WPM = ( (200 / 5) / 1.5 ) = 26

Calculating Accuracy

In Type to Learn, the Accuracy is defined as the percentage of correct keys pressed out of the total number of keys pressed. We calculate this by dividing the number of correct keys pressed by the total number of keys pressed, and multiply by 100.


Total Keys Pressed = 200
Correct Keys Pressed = 190
Accuracy = (190 / 200) * 100 = 95%

Calculating Adjusted Words Per Minute (AWPM)

Adjusted Words Per Minute is your speed (WPM score) adjusted for the number of errors made during the lesson or activity. This is done by multiplying the student’s WPM score by their Accuracy percentage. This data point is a single number that takes into account both speed and accuracy.

AWPM = WPM x Accuracy (rounded down)


WPM = 26
Accuracy = 85%
AWPM = 26 x .85 = 22

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