Difference Between Type to Learn at Home and Type to Learn for Schools

Updated on June 13, 2023

For parents or homeschool teachers interested in purchasing Type to Learn At Home for their students, it’s important to know that there are some slight differences between our At Home version and the version schools use (which is what most of our website refers to). Below is a list of the differences so you understand what you’re purchasing before completing your purchase.

How is Type to Learn at Home different from the school version?

  1. TTL At Home does not start with a Pre-Test. All students begin on Level 1 or Level A (for grades K-2).
  2. You cannot adjust any student settings yourself. Adjusting settings is only part of the full school subscription. However, if your student does have special needs and needs a setting adjusted, please contact our support team to update them for you.
  3. Goals are manually set based on the student’s grade and do not change throughout the program.
  4. The five Activities are optional instead of required and can be done anytime, rather than only after the Lesson is complete.
  5. Assessments have a five minute time limit rather than three minutes.
  6. You cannot change your student account passwords. Parents can update their passwords using the “Forgot Passwords” link on the login page. If you need a student’s password updated, just email our support team and let them know.
  7. The Custom Content feature is not available for TTL At Home.
  8. The TTL At Home Subscription is limited to three licenses and auto-renews every year unless canceled prior to your renewal date.

Aside from these differences, the program works the same way for At Home students as it does for schools. This means your student learns touch typing from the same scope and sequence trusted by schools across the U.S.

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