Type to Learn Home: Changing a Password

Updated on April 22, 2022

The password you need to log in will be sent to you in an email upon activating your Type to Learn account. As soon as you add a new student to your account, you will receive another email containing the username and password for that user.

Currently we do not offer Parents or Students the ability to change their own passwords. Here are your options for changing or resetting an account password:

For Parent Users:

  • On the Type to Learn Sign In screen (https://www.typetolearn.com/), you can click the “Forgot your Password” link, enter your Account Code and Username and reset your password from the email you receive.
  • Email us at support@sunburst.com and let us know the email address used to purchase Type to Learn and that you forgot your password. We will manually update your account and send you the new password.

For Student Users:

  • Parents can email us at support@sunburst.com and let us know your email address and the username of the student(s) that needs updating and we will manually update the password and send you the new password.

Still need help with something?

Email support@sunburst.com.

Call 800-356-3209. Press #2 for Support.