Basic Type to Learn Terminology

Updated on June 1, 2023

In order to better understand the program and to interact with our support team more effectively, we recommend getting familiar with the basic terminology used throughout Type to Learn.

Level – There are 34 levels in Type to Learn, each one teaching a different set of keys on the keyboard. A Level consists of a Lesson, four or five Activities, and a Final Challenge.

Task – A task is what we call any item that needs to be completed within a Level (Lesson, Activities, Final Challenge, Custom Content).

Lesson – The Lesson on each Level is where students will review previous keys, as well as learn and practice the new keys.

Activity – Each of the five Activities are gamified ways to continue practicing the new keys, each with a particular focus (such as WPM, Accuracy, or Shift Keys).

Final Challenge – This is a short test at the end of each Level to ensure students are efficient in the current letters before advancing to the next Level.

Outline of a Level in Type to Learn

Words Per Minute (WPM) – The speed at which a student types.

Accuracy – How accurately a student is typing correct letters versus incorrect letters.

Adjusted Words Per Minute – This is a WPM metric that takes into account Accuracy as well. Type to Learn does not use this metric for any calculations, but it is provided in the Detailed Report because this is the best metric to use when tracking progress.

Remediation – If a student fails to meet the Goal Minimums on a lesson or Final Challenge, an extra lesson is provided as additional practice.

Goal Minimums – Each student has a WPM and Accuracy goal they are trying to reach. The Goal Minimum is the minimum numbers a student can reach in order to pass any given task.

Assessment – These are six timed tests throughout the program that assess the skill level of the student. If a student meets or exceeds their goals on an Assessment, their goals are automatically adjusted up to keep up with their progress.

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