Connecting to the Type to Learn App in ClassLink

Updated on August 15, 2022

Below are the steps you should take to add the Type to Learn app to your student’s Portal page in ClassLink.

Adding Type to Learn to LaunchPad

Step 1: After logging in to your Admin account, navigate to the Management Console.

ClassLink Managment Console

Step 2: Navigate to the Applications > Add & Assign Apps page. Then, click “App Library”.

Step 3: Search for “Type to Learn” and click the “Add” button under the “Type to Learn (OAuth2)” app

Once the app has been added, you should see it on your list of available applications on the Add & Assign Applications page.

Connecting Your Roster Tenant to Type to Learn

Step 1: Open Your ClassLink Roster Server console

ClassLink Launchpad Roster Server Console

Step 2: Navigate to the Apps page and click the “+ Add” button

ClassLink - Add App to Roster Tenant

Step 3: Search for “Type to Learn” and then click the “+ Add” button

The next step would be to create sharing rules to indicate what student data should be shared with the Type to Learn app.

See our recommended sharing settings for ClassLink.

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Important Note About Integrations

Currently, Type to Learn does not perform a data sync with Clever or ClassLink. Instead, users must login to Type to Learn from an integration in order for their account to be created. This is done to ensure licenses are only used by students who are actually accessing the program.

If you would like to have all your students in Type to Learn ahead of time so you can adjust their settings, we can help import your roster from a CSV file.