How the Pre-Test Works

Updated on September 13, 2022

The Type to Learn Diagnostic Pre-Test is designed to assess and place a student at the appropriate level based on their current keyboarding skills.  The pre-test consists of 3 groups of assessments (16 steps total).  Pre-test goals (Accuracy & WPM) are set at Group 1, increase at Group 2 and then again at Group 3.  Each group is assessing a different set of keys to understand what keys a student may or may not know.

  • Group 1 Goals (Steps 1-4): Accuracy = 95, WPM = 15
  • Group 2 Goals (Steps 5-9): Accuracy = 95, WPM = 17
  • Group 3 Goals (Steps 10-16): Accuracy = 95, WPM = 20

Each Step is either pass or fail based on the current goals. If the student fails any one of the Steps, the pre-test ends and the student is placed at the appropriate lesson. If the student passes a Step they will continue to the next Step. The goals are automatically increased when they reach the next Grouping. For example:

Sally starts the Pre-Test and completes steps 1-4, typing at a 98% accuracy and 20 WPM. This is because she is already familiar with the home row. As she continues with the next steps, the letters are new to her and she starts to make mistakes. During Step 6, her accuracy drops to 90%, failing to meet the current goal or 95%. The Pre-Test will stop after Step 6 and start Sally on Level 6.

Below is the list of Levels that correspond to each step of the Pre-Test. The starting lesson assigned is based on what step the student fails first.

Failed Step Starting Lesson
1 Level A / Level 1
2 Level A / Level 2
3 Level 3
4 Level 4
5 Level 5
6 Level 6
7 Level 7
8 Level 8
9 Level 9
10 Level 10
11 Level 11
12 Level 12
13 Level 13
14 Level 14
15 Level 15
16 Level 16

At the end of the pre-test, the student’s average WPM and Accuracy are written to the report and used as their starting goals for the program. This final average score does NOT determine the lesson placement, the Step on which they failed is all that matters for placement.

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