Setting Up ClassLink for Rostering

Updated on June 24, 2022

How Does Rostering Work with Type to Learn?

Type to Learn works a little differently than you may experience with other apps. Instead of syncing your roster data into the program at scheduled times, Type to Learn rosters in the new student in realtime, when they first log in to Type to Learn. In this case, the new student would simply log in to ClassLink and click the Type to Learn (OAuth2) icon to log in. If the user (student or teacher) does not exist in Type to Learn, a user will be created for them. If the user does exist, they will be logged into their existing account.

Important Note: Type to Learn uses the user’s email address as the unique identifier for authentication. Every user must have an email address in your ClassLink Roster Server, and that email address must match their Roster Server username and their LaunchPad username as well.

Setting Up ClassLink for Rostering

The set up for ClassLink is the same whether you’re only using SSO or Rostering as well. Please refer to the SSO set up instructions for details on how to set up your ClassLink account.

Once your ClassLink account is set up and connected to Type to learn, simply let our support team know and we will enable the connection to your Type to Learn account on our end. Once that is complete, both SSO and Rostering will be available to use.

Important Note: Once the ClassLink integration is active on your account, Students and Teachers will be forced to log in using ClassLink. We do this to make sure that student data in ClassLink and Type to Learn remain accurate. Organization Admins will still be allowed to login to Type to Learn using the default login form.

What Information Gets Rostered Into Type to Learn?

The following data from ClassLink will be used in Type to Learn when a new student logs in and their account is created:

  • First and Last Name
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Grade Level
  • Org (this is the Building in Type to Learn)
  • Classes (these are created as Groups in Type to Learn)
  • Role (Student or Teacher)

Important Note: Because ClassLink always shares Class data with the students, we highly recommend setting up your permissions to share only the necessary classes with Type to Learn, otherwise all Classes a student is in will be created in Type to Learn as Groups. This can sometimes be 10-20 unnecessary groups that may cause confusion.

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