Help with Clever: Frequently Asked Questions

How does Clever Single-Sign-On (SSO) work?

Single-sign-on allows your students to only have to remember one login, for Clever (or Google if you have set up Google login in Clever). Once they have logged into Clever, the student can click on any app that is available to them on their Dashboard and it will redirect them to that app’s page and log them in automatically.

How does Clever Rostering work?

Rostering works the same as SSO, except if a student logs into the Type to Learn app and there is no matching User for that student in the program (based on email address), that User is automatically created in the program and then logged in. This means your teachers or admins don’t have to worry about adding new students to the application, only on the Clever platform.

What roles are synced between Clever and Type to Learn?

Clever RoleType to Learn Role
District AdminOrganization Admin
No other Clever Roles are synced with Type to Learn. You can still use the Building Admin role in Type to Learn, but those users will need to log in using the login form instead of Clever.

My students don’t have an email address. Can we still use Clever?

Unfortunately, no. In order for Clever to work with Type to Learn there needs to be a unique identifier, which is the student’s email address.

Does it cost anything to use Clever?

Nope! Using Clever is completely free for school districts. It will take a little bit of time to set up the account properly, but the Clever support staff will help you with that.

How long does it take for our application request to be approved?

Your request to connect to Type to Learn through Clever will be accepted in approximately one business day or less. However, this does not mean your account will be ready to use Clever. Our Customer Success team also needs to activate the integration on your account. This is done after a review of the account to make sure it is ready to integrate. This does not apply for new customers. For existing customers, this can take 1-2 business days.

How do I request access to Type to Learn in Clever?

How do my students log in to Type to Learn from Clever?

Your students will log into Clever using whichever method you have set up for them, this could be through Google or a Clever login.

After logging in they should be on the Dashboard page. This is where all your connected apps will appear. Students simply need to click the Type to Learn icon to be logged into Type to Learn. Once the student is logged in, they will need to click the “Launch Type to Learn” link to open the program.

How do I add students into our Clever account?

There are a few ways you can add students into Clever: Using a sync process with your SIS system, manually uploading a CSV file or manually adding them one-by-one. Managing students in your Clever account is not something Sunburst Digital can help with, but the Clever support portal has great resources to help.

If I’m already using Type to Learn, can I start using Clever rostering?

Yes! But it’s very important that you first add your student’s email addresses to Type to Learn before you connect with Clever and start using it for rostering. Our Customer Success team will help make sure your account is ready before activating the integration on your account.

Can I use Clever for single-sign-on only and not rostering?

Yes! While the Type to Learn app supports both SSO and Rostering, we can activate only SSO if necessary. If Rostering is active, SSO will also be active.

If we start using Clever, can students still log in at

No, they cannot. Once you start using Clever, that will be the only method in which students and teachers can log in (Admins can still log in using the login form). This is done for security reasons, and it allows district admins to manage access to the different applications through Clever only. If you choose to stop using Clever, we can update your account with new usernames and passwords for logging in at

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If a student is having trouble logging into Clever or there is a problem connecting the Type to Learn app to your district, please contact the Clever support team. If you are connected to Type to Learn and there is a problem logging in to the program, please contact our support team by emailing

Still need help with something?


Call 800-356-3209. Press #2 for Support.

Important Note About Integrations

Currently, Type to Learn does not perform a data sync with Clever or ClassLink. Instead, users must login to Type to Learn from an integration in order for their account to be created. This is done to ensure licenses are only used by students who are actually accessing the program.

If you would like to have all your students in Type to Learn ahead of time so you can adjust their settings, we can help import your roster from a CSV file.