Integrating Type to Learn with ClassLink

Updated on June 24, 2022

ClassLink is a single-sign-on and rostering integration that allows students to log in to one platform (ClassLink) and then be able to open up any of the apps assigned to that student without having to login to each one. With rostering enabled, you can sync your ClassLink roster to your apps and never have to worry about creating or managing users within the program. Integrating Type to Learn with ClassLink will save your administrators the time or adding students to Type to Learn. To learn more about ClassLink, visit

How to Integrate ClassLink with Type to Learn?

Before you can integrate your Type to Learn account with ClassLink, you will need a ClassLink account. Contact ClassLink to learn more and to get the registration process started. Once you have an account with ClassLink and it is linked with your student information system, return here to learn how to set up the integration with Type to Learn.

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