Setting Up ClassLink: Single-Sign-On (SSO) and Rostering

Updated on June 24, 2022

If you do not have a ClassLink account set up yet, you will first need to get set up with ClassLink and connect your student information system to your account.

How Does Single-Sign-On (SSO) Work with Type to Learn?

With SSO enabled on your account, students and teachers will be able to log into their ClassLink account and click the Type to Learn (OAuth2) icon on their dashboard to log in to their Type to Learn account. Type to Learn checks your account for any user that matches the email address of the user logging in. If it finds and existing user, the student is logged in to that account. If no user is found, it will return an error message. If you’d like Type to Learn to create users when they don’t exist, then you will need to enable ClassLink Rostering.

Important Note: Type to Learn uses the user’s email address as the unique identifier for authentication. Every user must have an email address in Type to Learn and your ClassLink Roster Server, and that email address must match their Roster Server username and their LaunchPad username as well.

Preparing Your Type to Learn Account

The steps to prepare your account are the same whether you plan to use ClassLink for only SSO or Rostering as well. Learn more about ClassLink Rostering.

Step One: Confirm all Users Have an Email Address in Type to Learn
Make sure all users in your Type to Learn account have an email address associated with their profile. This email address must be the same email address used for the users’s LaunchPad username, their Roster Server username, and the email address in the Roster Server.

If your users do not have email addresses in their Type to Learn account, we suggest you export your user list, add the email addresses to the export spreadsheet and then import that list back into Type to Learn. This will update all the accounts to include their email address.

Step Two: Connect Your Roster Tenant to the Type to Learn app
In ClassLink connect your Roster Tenant to the “Type to Learn (OAuth2)” app. Once connected, adjust your sharing permissions to share only the students/classes that need access to Type to Learn.

Step Three: Let Our Support Team Know You’re Ready to Integrate
Once those first two steps are complete, simply let us know so we can activate the integration on your Type to Learn account. Our support team will do a quick check to make sure everything looks good before activating the integration. Be sure to let us know if you would like Rostering enabled or not as well.

Important Note: Once the ClassLink integration is active on your account, Students and Teachers will be forced to log in using ClassLink. We do this to make sure that student data in ClassLink and Type to Learn remain accurate. Organization Admins will still be allowed to login to Type to Learn using the default login form.

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