User Import File Requirements and Specifications

Updated on June 2, 2023

Below are details and specifications about the how to set up your CSV file when importing students. If you have any questions not answered here, or your attempt at importing students is not working, just let our Customer Success team know so we can help (

Download the TTL-User-Import-Template.

Import files must be in a CSV format

You can easily convert an Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets spreadsheet to a CSV file by selecting “Save As” and selecting Comma Separated Values (.CSV) as the file type. If you have multiple tabs/sheets open when saving as a CSV, only the active tab will be saved.

Required Fields and Required Data

It is important that you DO NOT CHANGE any of the column headers or remove any columns from the import template. If you do not want to include data for a specific column, simply leave those cells blank.

The following data is required for the import to work: Username, Password, Student First Name (firstname), Student Last Name (lastname), and Building Name (building1). While the student’s Grade is not required, it is highly recommended you include a grade, otherwise the settings for those students will be set at the K-2 grade tier.

More Info About the Various Fields

  1. Username (required): Usernames must be unique. You can use lowercase letters, numbers, periods (.), or @. It is okay to use an email address as the username.
  2. Password (required): Passwords are case sensitive and can ONLY BE letters or numbers. No special characters are allowed. Minimum of four characters required. You can create the same password for all students.
  3. First Name (required)
  4. Last Name (required)
  5. Email Address: The email address is only required if you plan to use an integration partner for single sign on or rostering. We also highly recommend including an email address for teachers and admins so they have a way to reset their password, if necessary.
  6. Grade: The grade level sets the default Type to Learn Settings and is highly recommended for all students. Choose from one of the following options: k, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. If a grade level is not included, the settings for that student will default to K-2 settings with assessment-based goals.
  7. Building (required): Identifies the building where the user should be placed. These buildings MUST be created prior to importing and the names must exactly match, or else you will receive an error.
  8. Group: Teachers and students can be added to a Building Group during import. If the Group does not already exist in your account, it will be created during the import process.
  9. Role (required): Choose one of the following: student, teacher, or buildingadmin. Organization Admins cannot be added through an import process. If you need to add an Organization Admin, you can add a single user.

Type to Learn Import Example

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