Checklist: Setting up Type to Learn with ClassLink

Updated on August 15, 2022

To integrate ClassLink single-sign-one and/or rostering with your Type to Learn account, complete the following checklist. Please reach out to with any questions or if you need any assistance.

Step 1: Connect to the Type to Learn App in ClassLink

Step 2: Create the necessary sharing rules

Step 3: Prepare your Type to Learn Account

  • New Customers: Single Sign On will not work without any students in your account. To add students, we recommend doing a user import. If you plan to use ClassLink Rostering, there is nothing you need to do here, skip to Step 4.
  • Existing Customers:
    • Make sure all users in your account have an email address in their profile (necessary for both SSO & Rostering). This email address must be the same email address used as the user’s LaunchPad username, their Roster Server username, and the email address in the Roster Server.
    • Add buildings or change building names to match the School names in ClassLink (for Rostering only)
    • Use the export/import functionality to put all students into their proper buildings (for Rostering only)

If you’re an existing customer that is adding ClassLink for the first time, our Customer Success team can help get your account organized and ready. Simply submit a ticket at and let them know.

Step 4: Let our support team know ( everything is ready. After a quick check to confirm the account looks good, we will activate the integration on your account.

Step 5: Test the integration. We recommend you log in as a new and existing student from your ClassLink Roster Server. This ensures that the connection is working properly. Our support team will be doing the same. If any issues should arise, let us know right away.

Important Note: Once the ClassLink integration is active on your account, Students and Teachers will be forced to log in using ClassLink. We do this to make sure that student data in ClassLink and Type to Learn remain accurate. Only Organization Admins will still be allowed to login to Type to Learn using the default login form at

Still need help with something?


Call 800-356-3209. Press #2 for Support.

Important Note About Integrations

Currently, Type to Learn does not perform a data sync with Clever or ClassLink. Instead, users must login to Type to Learn from an integration in order for their account to be created. This is done to ensure licenses are only used by students who are actually accessing the program.

If you would like to have all your students in Type to Learn ahead of time so you can adjust their settings, we can help import your roster from a CSV file.