Everything You Need to Know About Passing (or Failing) Tasks

Updated on June 1, 2023

One of the most common comments we get from customers is when a student completes a task and has to redo the same task because they didn’t pass, or why a student can do all tasks in a Level and not be able to advance. Below is a detailed outline of how Type to Learn works as far as passing, or not passing, tasks and levels.

Before proceeding, we recommend becoming familiar with the standard terminology used throughout Type to Learn.

Knowing What Tasks Need to Be Completed

On any given Level, the white outline of a check mark indicates that task is required to be completed for that Level. A red X means that task is not available on the given Level and cannot be accessed. A blank square next to a task (without a check mark outline) indicates the task is available, but optional.

Required task check markTask available, required and incomplete.
Completed task check markTask successfully completed.
Optional task indicatorTask available, but not required and incomplete.
Unavailable task indicatorTask not available.

In order to advance to the next Level, students must turn all white check mark outlines to green check marks, indicating they have passed all required tasks for that Level. If any white check mark outlines remain the student will not be able to advance.

Passing and Failing a Task

All required tasks on a Level need to be passed in order to receive the green check mark. Students will pass a task if they meet their Accuracy goal (or goal minimum) for that specific task (not WPM). This includes the Lesson, but does not include Custom Content.

What are Goal Minimums?
The goal minimums are -10% accuracy and -7 WPM off the student’s goals. These allow the student to progress in the program even if they are not always meeting or exceeding their goals.

What happens if a student fails a task?
If a student fails any of the tasks by not reaching their goal minimums, they will not receive the green check mark and they will need to redo that task. If this happens, encourage the student to focus on being accurate.

The program will automatically serve a remediation lesson when a student fails the Lesson or Final Challenge. This is an additional few steps of the Lesson for additional practice. Important Note: Completing the remediation does not give the student a green check mark, they will still need to redo the Lesson or Final Challenge.

Why don’t you also check the WPM goal?
Our research shows that it can be hard for students to consistently hit a certain speed when first learning to type. It’s more important that students learn to be accurate with their typing, even if that means going slower. As they get more familiar with the keys, their speed will naturally increase as well.

What can I do when a student isn’t passing?

  1. First, check the Detailed Report from that day to confirm the accuracy achieved on the task was lower than -10% of the student’s accuracy goal. If so, give encouragement and advice to slow down and focus on being accurate. If you’d like, you can also check the Error Report (only available on Lessons, Final Challenges and Assessments) to see what keys the student may be struggling with. This allows you to give more detailed direction for improving.
  2. It’s possible that a student’s goals are simply set too high for them to achieve. If this is the case, you can change their goal settings to be “manual” instead of assessment-based and lower the Accuracy goal for that student. If you do this, be sure the student closes the program and launches it again to load the new settings.
  3. As a last resort, you can make any Activity optional and/or allow students to skip the Lesson and go straight to the Final Challenge. We only recommend doing this if absolutely necessary. To do this, first update the settings and allow the student to advance past the task holding them up. When they reach the next level, go back and reset the settings back to normal.

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