Back to School Check List: Preparing Your Account for a New School Year

Updated on August 19, 2022

It doesn’t matter if you decide to clean up your Type to Learn account at the end of the school year or just before the new year starts, but it is important that you keep your Type to Learn account clean, secure and up-to-date to ensure things don’t get messy. Below is our recommended checklist of tasks to complete every summer. Resources or training videos are provided where applicable.

1. Remove students, teachers and admins that no longer use the program.

Any teacher or admin that does not need access to Type to Learn should be removed. This keeps your account secure and only available to those who need access to that student data.

In most cases, there is a group or grade of students that graduated out of using Type to Learn and no longer need access to the account. Removing these graduated students frees up your Type to Learn licenses for new or incoming students.

  • If you want to archive any student progress data, do that first. You can build a report based on a date range, filter by grade or Group name, and then export to a spreadsheet to save.
  • Once any data has been saved, you can quickly and easily delete all students in a specific grade or Group.

2. Promote students up to their next grade level

If the only thing you want to change with your existing students is the grade level, it’s very easy to filter your list of users by grade, select them all and increase their grade level.

3. Update Student Information and/or Add New Students

If you want to change more data on your existing students, such as their Group or Building, in addition to their grade, we suggest doing an Export/Import to save yourself time (Exporting Users / Importing Users). There are times when increasing a student’s grade level would put them in a new Group, with a new teacher, or a completely new building. By doing an Export/Import, you can quickly make updates to all your existing students at one time AND add all your new students at the same time.

If you need to add new Teachers or Admins, you should do that as well. You can add teachers and admins during the import process as well. Or add them manually after the students have been updated.

Want to make student management even easier?
Set up your account to integrate with Clever or ClassLink!
Email to get started. Learn more about integrations.

4. Confirm the Type to Learn Champion

Sometimes the teacher or administrator in charge of Type to Learn is no longer with the school. It’s important that we have contact information of the current Type to Learn Champion, or whoever will be in charge of managing the account. There are important emails and updates that need to be received throughout the year, so if anything has changed, please let us know right away by emailing or your account manager.

5. Train New Teachers on Type to Learn

If you have new teachers coming in that are not familiar with Type to Learn, it’s good to send them our training resources so they can get up-to-speed quickly.

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